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A few words from Pascaline


I am Pascaline, dancer in the project « K. et la piste du château » and I am about to give you my impressions on the residency in Budapest which lasted 10 days.

On February 6th, Caroline, Ana, Bertrand, Laurent, Louis and I woke up at 4 in the morning pour catch our flight to Budapest. At the aiport we were welcomed by Kati Dombi and Tamas Bako who brought us to our lovely appartments. There we got a little rest and then went for a quiet lunch with the Hungarian, French Team and one Romanian.

To finish this day properly and to prepare ourselves to the tedious times ahead of us, we allowed ourselves to do to the Szechenyi Baths, treasure of Budapest.

At 10 am, on Sunday 10th we got the team all together to start walking on the path leading to Kafka’s Castle.
Laurent started off by telling us what had motivated him to create this project, his wish to find a common artistic language between all of us and his desire to stay very close to the novel which he admires a lot.

We started to get into the novel and to try to link it to Kafka’s life. Laurent gave us the keys to unveil a new vision of the novel and to see Kafka’s life in every character and situation.

Beyond this research, we also have used those 10 days to study comic drama helped by Louis Fortier’s workshops. What has struck me the most is the major importance of the human face as a completition of the body. Mimicry is quite a big part of our act. Tamas is woking with us on the understand of one’s body to learn how to dispose of it the best… finally a language which means something to me.
We continued working and experimenting in order to create the architecture of the creation.
We really created a team et we learnt a great deal from one another. I shared my room with Ana, the stage designer of the project and we talked a lot about our ideas on the space on the stage, which started to make sense in our minds.
I also wanted to say a few words about Orran, the shaggy giant Irish chef at the SIN who cooked us a feast everyday.

We have left Budapest and gone to Cluj with a great desire to discover news things for the project.

Thank you Budapest.


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