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« K et la piste du château » : musical residency in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

©Amélie Tcherniak

Let me explain what this blog and our project is all about.

Teams from France (Euroculture en Pays Gentiane), Bulgaria (Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv), Romania (Impossible Theatre) and Hungary (Gesture Workshop Association) are working together to prepare a musical show about The Castle by Franz Kafka. Musicians, dancers and comedians from the four countries will work together for a year on this project, which has won the support of the European Union. (For more information and details about the project, follow the link on the left-hand corner of the blog > about the project)

This morning, we start the first residency of the team in one of the eastern countries.  Laurent Festas (stage director), Caroline Lemière (dancer), Bertrand Festas (comedian), Pierre Court (technician) and I (Amélie Tcherniak, production) left Paris an hour ago to Sofia. Some of us have already been to Bulgaria, others like me will discover the country and our bulgarian partners in the project, Zhorzh Dimitrov (conductor), Viliana Vrangova (violonist) Vesela Geleva (production).

The residency will last for about 10 days. Laurent, Caroline, Bertrand and I will stay for the whole time and Ana Kozelka, the set designer, the Ensemble Contraste, Karol Beffa (composer), Damian Adrian (Romanian comedian), Bogdan Radulescu (Romanian comedian) and Kati Dombi (production in Hungary) will meet us there.

With the set designer and the technician we’ll visit concert halls to prepare for the tour of the show next year – September 2010.

The Ensemble Contraste and Karol Beffa will rehearse with the Bulgarian choir for the two concerts we have planned, one in Plovdiv on November 5th and one in Sofia on November 7th.

Karol has also two master-classes programmed and a piano improvisation of the silent movie « Loulou » by Pabst. I will tell you all about it after. I have never witnessed this Chaplin like experience, and I am looking forward to it.

Johan Farjot pianist of the Ensemble Contraste and Laurent Festas will also have the last session of auditions for the singers in Sofia.

Caroline Lemière has also a big program ahead of her : a three day dancing master class at the Music School in Plovdiv.

To sum this up, welcome to the Euroculture blog. We hope to share with all of our viewers our cultural experiences through posts, interviews, photographs, sketches, and videos.

Do not hesitate to leave comments and ideas.

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  1. Louis Fortier
    4 novembre 2009 à 10 h 09 mi

    Hello to all of you, all of this sounds very exciting! I am looking forward to be part of the project as from February onward! All the best to all of you until then! Cheers, Louis

  2. K. (the other one)
    10 novembre 2009 à 8 h 16 mi

    Well, this all sounds very exciting. I am looking forward to knowing more about this project!

  3. Vasil Iliev
    14 novembre 2009 à 18 h 48 mi

    Hi all of you!!! I was speechless after the concert in the Academy!!! Maybе no one else did cuch beautiful event in that auditorium, at least I haven’t seen!!! What else can I say…As i wrote before, I am speechless, it was just one beautifull evening in our daily, busy life…Many, many regards to everyone who made this project a reality…

    Big regards from Bulgaria…;)

  4. Plamen Petrov
    14 novembre 2009 à 21 h 08 mi

    Hello! I want to express my most sincere gratitude to all participants in this concert, and I like this to thank everyone associated with the implementation of this project! Thanks for that incredible performance by this wonderful music of great musicians we at least I can feel something rare today-feeling of spiritual joy! Greetings and go ahead!

  5. Hristiyan Iliev
    15 novembre 2009 à 16 h 37 mi

    Hello everyone !!! I want to express only big thanks to our French BIG Friends for that they made it in Bulgaria in Plovdiv. That was the most excited sound what I ever hear. Thanks again to all and The Show Must Go ON…. 😉 bye

  6. Ilina Rogashka
    15 novembre 2009 à 19 h 09 mi

    Dear Friends,

    Once again I would like to personally express my gratitude for the wonderful music, which you gave us the chance to touch to! Performed with such an emotion and feeling by you, it definitely reached the audience and a whole week after that we continue talking about this exciting experience!
    Heartily thank you!
    I hope soon we will see again! Until then I will enjoy your CD, which will remind me of you!(hug)

  7. Vesela Geleva
    17 novembre 2009 à 8 h 22 mi

    I would like to say again « Thank you!’ for coming in Plovdiv and Sofia.Like musician I’m very glad to be a part of this event.The master classes of Karol Beffa,Caroline Lemiere were very impressive and interessting for the audience,because they shared with us the last contemporary tendences in the composition and balley.The concert of « Contraste » was really amazing!The level of the ensemble is perfect-so artistic,charming and touching!
    I hope to see you soon in Bulgaria and I’m really happy to work with all of you!Special thanks to Amelie and of course,to Laurent for their kindness and understanding!
    See you soon!Best wishes:Vesela Geleva

  8. Pavel Naydenov
    21 décembre 2009 à 21 h 20 mi

    Even it was a month ago, the memories stayed so deep in my heart. It’s a great pleasure for me to know Laurent Festas, Karol Beffa, Johan Farjot, Caroline Lemière, Bertrand Festas, Amélie Tcherniak… The time I spent with them enriched me a lot. I am motivated to continue working on professional with music. The Ensemble Contraste – just didn’t play the instruments, but they touched our hearts. Thank you for the experience!
    It’s wonderful when young people from different countries and different cultures can create an art together! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of all of this… I am glad to work with you in this project together and I believe there will be good results.
    Long time people will speak about this incredible performance by this wonderful music!
    I am looking forward eagerly for our next meeting 🙂 HUGs friends

  1. 20 mars 2010 à 18 h 12 mi

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